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Default (and recommended) mode is espeak+mbrola.

espeak mode

Since Hemera v0.1.

RedHat-based distributions

yum install espeak

Debian-based distributions

sudo apt-get install espeak

Check/update the following configuration elements


espeak+mbrola mode

Since Hemera v0.1.
To improve quality, it is interesting to use eSpeak as Phoneme mnemonics writer and MBROLA Project as speech synthesizer.

mbrola binary

On RedHat-based distributions, mbrola is not available with package manager.
To get it, follow these instructions:

On Debian-based distributions, mbrola binary and data files are available with package manager:

sudo apt-get install mbrola

After mbrola setup, check/update the following configuration element


espeak and mbrola compatibility

Important: with espeak v1.44 and newer, you must use the new option --pho to work with mbrola; check/update the following configuration element



You can use any model compatible with mbrola.

This is specific instructions for tested models: English, French