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Hemera - Intelligent System


Hemera is a Virtual Intelligent System aggregating some more advanced Artificial Intelligence Technologies (speech, speech recognition, form recognition ...).
Final aim is applications in day tasks, domotics and robotics ...

Modus Operandi

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence Technologies have impressively evolved (and they will continue !).
There is lots of system based on such technologies, but generally specialized in one domain.
The challenge of Hemera project is to aggregate enough Artificial Intelligence Technologies producing an intelligent system with abilities like speech, speech recognition, form recognition, virtual representation, learning, problem solving ...


Project policy is to focus on open-source projects to benefit from the efforts of communities and participate in making feedback.
Nevertheless, in rare cases, proprietary third-party tools may be used (will be mentioned).


GPLv3.png Hemera is developed under the GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3).


In Greek mythology Hemera was the personification of day and one of the Protogenoi or primordial deities.

Quick Start

See Hemera Quick Start.




Help and Tutorials

Development and Build Tools

This is the list of used development and build tools.
A great thanks for corresponding projects' members for their work.

Third-party Tools

This is the list of used third-party tools, and how they are used.
A great thanks for corresponding projects' members for their work.


Speech core Module

  • Speech synthesizer/Phoneme mnemonics writer: eSpeak
  • (proprietary) Speech synthesizer: MBROLA Project

Speech Recognition core Module

Speech recognition processor

Speech recognition models creation

Special Thanks

Special thanks to:

  • Yannick Estève for crucial information about Speech Recognition (mainly sphinx3 configuration for use with LIUM models and lexical/language models creation)